At Zeal we partner with established companies to develop cryptocurrency and NFT's with custom functionality or utility.

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 Partner with Zeal Team so we can help your business create a new coin, token, or NFT's, with functionality or utility to compliment your business.



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Infrastructure Coin

 Exciting industry partnerships to develop new decentralised infrastructure on earth and in space for the future of the internet and space based blockchain technology

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Project 420

Developing innovative  blockchain concepts in the Cannabis industry

More coins are under development.

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At Zeal we help businesses develop and create their own Non Fungible Token (NFT) collections. NFTs are verified on the blockchain and digital ownership can not be duplicated, so you maintain digital control of distribution. Business use NFTs to create brand awareness for marketing & promotional purposes or as a stand alone product to distribute digital material. With smart contracts you can automatically get royalties every time it sells to a new owner.

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The core value of zeal team is that you should love what you do and pursue it zealously. The founders of Zeal are Zealous about Blockchain and cryptocurrency, financial modeling, improving cash flow, investing, space, space technology, and entrepreneurship.


This is a perfect combination of skills to meet our objective of partnering with established business to incorporate blockchain solutions to improve their financial outcomes.


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We're a global company with our headquarters in Australia.

We have team members in Australian, Asia, Africa & North America.


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